Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Nike Visit Inspires!

Jay Meschter, Vice President of Innovation Exploration, of Nike's innovation kitchen visited Philadelphia University today to speak about design and exploration. Providing case studies and speaking to students about successes and missed opportunities in innovation, Jay inspired students from architecture, engineering, industrial design, and textile design to think beyond the boundaries of their disciplines. The end of the fall term was the perfect time to re-ignite the students fire for making! We expect great collaborations between these groups as we move forward.
Nike as a brand is identifiable. It is edgy and irreverent.
Like a concert pianist playing with an oven mitt, if design is not crafted and pushed to meet the needs of its end user it is bulky and inefficient. Nike strives and pushes to make each application, fit like a glove. 
Sharing ways the team works to solve problems and create to meet the needs of the athletes they serve. Materials and their textile components are key to creating products that are successful. 

Each piece is meaningful. And cut and sew production is no longer the key to great design. Innovation in textile production, in no waste knit technology is at the forefront of the push for shoe engineering. 
Jay with Lyn Godley of Industrial Design and Marcia Weiss of Textile Design
Find out more about the innovation at Nike at NikeLab.com

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Textile Design Immersion--New York City, Part III--Kravet!

On Friday November 20, 12 students spent the day in New York City touring Kravet Design Studios and Showrooms.  Textile Design undergraduate and graduate students, an international exchange Textile Design student and an Industrial Design graduate student enjoyed a full day with Scott Kravet, seeing the wonderful complexity of Kravet--from amazing textiles, to beautiful furniture and exciting accessories.  The day included expansive tours and discussions with the Kravet design and merchandising team, as well as an insider's look at the gorgeous showrooms in the D & D Building.  See the images below for a few highlights of the day. 

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Textile Design Immersion--New York City

Eight Textile Design, Industrial Design and Surface Imaging masters students participated in a Textile Design Immersion Day in New York City on Friday October 30.  Students enjoyed a great visit to Woolmark and to Material Connexion.  Woolmark is a company that promotes the use of fine Australian wool to the global marketplace.  Material Connexion is a materials resource library that holds a curated assortment of material innovation across a wide-range of disciplines.  See below some images from the Woolmark visit, where Angi Domsitz shared with students innovations in wool textiles.  It was a great, inspiring day in the city!

Kelly Cutrone and Carson Kressley Guest Speakers at Discover Fashion Day

On Tuesday, October 27, it was "standing room only" on campus for a presentation to prospective students and their families, current students and faculty for the Fall 2015 Discover Fashion Day.  This day brings together students interested in Textile Design, Fashion Design and Fashion Merchandising for an overview of the programs and life at PhilaU.  Carson Kressley was the host for Kelly Cutrone's presentation.  They discussed a wide range of topics in the design and fashion industries.  Kelly noted that to be successful one needs to be "hardworking, tenacious, humble and curious" and that people with great lives are those that are "allowed to dream".   She stressed getting experience through internship opportunities and not letting fear hold you back.  Here are a couple images from Carson and Kelly's presentation.  It was a great day for everyone who was fortunate enough to attend.  Watch for future Discover Fashion Day opportunities.  There always are wonderful surprises!

Rowan College at Burlington County Students Explore Textile Design

On Friday October 23, thirteen students from Rowan College at Burlington County spent the day on campus exploring textile design.  Professor Lisa Steinberg brought her students to PhilaU to participate in digital printing, jacquard weaving and computerized knitting workshops, with PhilaU Textile Design students, faculty and staff.  Everyone had a great time, and made some wonderful textiles.  The day culminated with an exhibition and reception at The Design Center here on campus.  See the images below for a snapshot of the day.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Design Philadelphia Screen Printing Workshop

On October 10, 2015, the Textile Design programs hosted a Screen Printing Workshop as part of  Design Philadelphia.  A great group of ten participants created wonderful prints with the guidance of workshop leader Wendy Anderson.  In addition to individual pieces, attendees collaborated on multi-screen designs.  Please see the following images for some highlights of the day. 

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Langhorne Carpet Company Weaves Rugs for Papal Visit and PhilaU Intern Helps!

From Langhorne Carpet Company's website is the following press release:
Philadelphia, PA (September 10, 2015) – The Archdiocese of Philadelphia and World Meeting of Families – Philadelphia 2015today announced that Langhorne Carpet Company is weaving and will donate three custom carpets to be used during the visit of Pope Francis to Philadelphia on September 26 and 27. 
Under its long established ‘Carpets of Caring’ philanthropic program, the family-owned, 85-year-old Penndel, Bucks County-based textile company is weaving the Jacquard Wilton 100% organic wool carpets on its treasured Delaware County-manufactured “broad looms” for use during this historic occasion.Based on Langhorne’s original “Medallion of Hope” design, the 75’ x 9’ carpet will be rolled out and used during the Holy Father’s arrival and departure at Atlantic Aviation and the other two room accent carpets will be used inside the rectory of the Cathedral Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul.  Pope Francis will celebrate Mass in the Cathedral for the people of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia on September 26.
The Airport carpet, presented in Cardinal Red and Gothic Gold, features the decorative medallion border inspired by a section of the Cathedral Basilica’s stained glass windows. It requires nearly 191,000 yards of yarn (more than 100 miles) and will consist of more than one million individual woven loops. The carpets in the Cathedral rectory will feature the same signature medallion motif with the repeating six-inch diameter medallions.Langhorne’s in-house design team is led by company President William H. Morrow and includes Lead Designer Andrea Perlman and Design Assistant Lydia Whitford. Ms. Perlman is a 1977 graduate of Philadelphia University, from which Ms. Whitford will graduate in 2016.
 “We are honored to represent the greater Philadelphia region and the global wool textile community in weaving these distinctive, uplifting carpets for the Papal visit,” said Mr. William H. Morrow, President of Langhorne Carpet Company. “We greatly appreciate the opportunity presented by the World Meeting of Families and the Archdiocese of Philadelphia to participate in this profoundly important event." 
Co-sponsored by the Holy See’s Pontifical Council for the Family and the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, the World Meeting of Families is a triennial global event that seeks to strengthen the sacred bonds of family across the globe and highlight its intrinsic value to the good of society. This international gathering will welcome Pope Francis to the United States for the first time in his Papacy. Being held in the United States for the first time ever, the official theme for the 2015 World Meeting of Families is “Love is OurMission: The Family Fully Alive.”.
See more from Langhorne Carpet Company at Langhorne Carpets

Lydia Whitford, a Philadelphia University student is currently interning at Langhorne Carpet Company and had the opportunity to work on this amazing project!

Here are some photos in anticipation of the Pope's visit.
Lydia Whitford and PhilaU alum Andrea Perlman working on "Medallion of Hope"
The Weaving Begins!
The creel of cones of yarn used in this carpet
The carpet coming off loom.

Finished "Medallion of Hope" Design. 
Red colorway of "Medallion of Hope" being rolled out.

Lydia Whitford and Andrea Perlman

Andrea Perlman discussing the beauty of the Medallion Design.